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Lean Production


Value Stream Analysis

The methods and design principles of Lean Production are the foundation of today’s production organisation. The basis of Lean Production is the value stream, around which all activities are arranged.
The experience of numerous companies shows that the selective implementation of individual elements and supports of Lean Production does not reach the expected level of success. Attempts are rather needed, in which the technical, work organisational and infrastructural aspects are consistently united to a total production system.

Enterprises must develop their own individual interpretation of a lean production system, which must match the specific market situation, variaty and broadness of the product program as well as the size of ther production.
The WZL is converned with the Topics of Production Optimization in research and industry consultancy to implement and further develop the Lean Production approach.
This process is based on the experience of numerous projects in manufacturing and assembly in the automotive industry and the production systems industry. Typical projects range from the identification of potentials, to the development of design concepts and realization.



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