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Virtual Machine Tool - Modelling and Simulation


Virtual Machine Tool - Modelling and Simulation

Virtual Machine Tool - Modelling and Simulation

Prof. Dr.-Ing. C. Brecher
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The virtual modelling and simulation of machine elements, of complex machines or technical installations will be uncomplicated because of the increasing disposability of calculation capacities. PC workplaces with CAD-systems as the central element are using for the modelling and simulation task to create a virtual machine tool. For different points of view during the design phase it is necessary to use the functions of specialized modelling tools. Real machine elements like guideways, bearings, spindels, components of the structure and the propulsion system will be modelled and simulated with regard to their static, dynamic and thermal behaviour. In addition to this points the kinematic of the elements is important for the function and the properties of the machine. Therefore it is necessary to analyse and classify the kinematic. Finaly the modelled and simulated components have to be optimized concerning their structure, stress and stiffness attributes.

The practical exercise is an very important part of the lecture virtual machine tool. The students can use the different software tools independently with the support of the exercise instructure.

Modelling of a CAD-modell and its FE-net

FE-Netz eines Spindelkopfes

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