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The demand of the German industry for excellently trained specialists in the field of engineering science continues to grow. The Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering (WZL) of RWTH Aachen University is addressing this serious and urgent challenge with commitment and passion - through active development and constant growth in our training offers for our partners from industry and research.

An annual overview of the current seminars and events of the Factory Planning Department can be found here:
(Note some seminars are only in German)


RWTH Certificate Course Factory Planning

16. - 20. September 2019

The RWTH certificate course presents the current understanding of factory planning, where the classical planning process was further developed into a modular planning procedure. The aim of the course is to impart key qualifications in order to achieve a lean production based on the strategic plant development. The planning procedure illustrated by means of case studies and exercises demonstrates how factory planning operates in a holistic process, starting with production-oriented product development through classic design fields such as value stream design, layout development and configuration of production control to targeted ramp-up management.
Contributions will be given to best practice examples from the areas of assembly planning, design of provision logistics, assembly technology and much more. more...



Factory planning – Next steps

16. - 17. Oktober 2019

The congress "Factory Planning – Next steps" aims at planners and decision-makers from the fields of industrial construction, architecture and production planning. During the two-day congress, experts from practice and science will present their approaches and methods and will not shy away from discussing challenges based on practical examples. The congress " Factory Planning – Next steps " does not only deal with innovative contents, but also offers a new concept and framing program. We are moving away from the traditional form of pure presentation, even though it remains an important part of the event, in order to make the congress interactive and innovative. more...



10th Aachen Assembly Conference

16. - 17. Oktober 2019

In the manufacturing industry, assembly accounts for the largest share of value added and is therefore exposed to the challenges of fluctuating demand, which changes constantly in its diversity, like no other division. In order to meet the resulting requirements, assembly must always be up to date in terms of organization, technical equipment, process reliability and product quality. In the two-day event, experts from research and industry will present their innovative approaches. In the personnel-intensive field of assembly, the focus will be on the human factor as a production parameter and the approaches to maximizing its performance as well as the technological possibilities available. more...



RWTH Certificate Course Lean Production Expert

14. - 18. Oktober 2019

The consistent orientation towards the customer is the basis for all analyses, methods and tools that that are used within the framework of Lean Production along the entire value chain. The practical certificate course teaches you the principles of Lean Production. You will get to know the 7 types of waste and gain extensive knowledge of process optimization with lean tools such as 6S, the value stream methodology, customer cycle, one-piece flow, kanban, pull principle and SMED (single minute exchange of die). more...



Basic seminar assembly organization

27. November 2019

Like no other division, assembly must react flexibly to market changes in order to ensure the success of the company. At the same time, hidden problems of upstream divisions must be compensated in the assembly process. In addition to current trends in assembly design, the seminar will provide innovative solutions from science and practice. Methods and tools are presented, in order to arrange and steer both fixed-station and flow-line assemblies efficiently. Related processes such as logistics and material provision are also included in order to show solutions for a holistic optimization of the assembly. more...



RWTH Certificate Course Production Management

May 2020

With the certificate course, RWTH Aachen University offers an executive program that imparts the essential skills for effective and efficient production. The aim of the certificate course is to provides key qualifications for managers involved in production. Experts from industry and research will introduce you to current trends in the field of production management that you need for your work as a manager. The most important methods and tools for an effective and efficient production management are imparted on the basis of case studies and practical training units.



Basic seminar factory planning

June 2020

Today, factory planning is no longer a task that companies only deal with once in every 30 years. In addition to planning new factories "on the greenfield site", the main focus today is on adapting and optimizing factory structures that have often grown over a long period of time. Contemporary factory planning incorporates all design fields of production, i.e. processes, logistics, layout, capacity, resources and personnel, into a holistic concept. In addition to current trends and practical solutions, the seminar will teach the methods and tools used for production design today.