Optimized Order Processing


The analysis and optimization of processes using the process modeling language requires a participatory project approach in order to integrate employees early in the project and thusly ensure a continued project success. In most instances, the key process of order processing enjoys the highest priority.
Aixperanto is an intuitive process modeling language, which allows to shape the process entry in a interdisciplinary team. We enable the involved employees to identify process weaknesses and potential for optimization in their field by themselves.
The four step approach starts with an analysis of your company’s strategic objectives. Subsequently, the current situation of your company is assessed from a operational process perspective. Together with employees who are involved in the processes, we now document the individual process steps in a swim lane representation. Simple symbolism allows rapid process analysis and accelerates the finding of process vulnerabilities.

Based on the earlier identified potential weaknesses we jointly derive a target state that we want to achieve. Process improvements can be developed with the help of our 8 target principles of process design. Finally, change measures are defined and evaluated by analyzing their potential and converted into an implementation plan.

Further information about the process modeling language aixperanto can be found under: here.

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