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Our current research projects

In our research projects we work closely with producing companies, solution experts and other research facilities on topics of innovation, complexity and development management. We claim for us to address problems with a high degree of relevance for the day-to-day business, to guarantee the transfer of the results of our research into the real environment.

InnoSpace: Set-based Design in Development Projects in the Pharmaceutical Sector
The pharmaceutical sector is distinguished by a long-lasting and complex innovation process. In addition to the extremely high and continuously increasing expenditures in research and development there is a high risk of reaching marketability. Thus, the development and permission of pharmaceuticals is an essential success factor for enterprises in the pharmaceutical sector. The aim of the research project “InnoSpace” is the improvement of the efficiency and effectiveness of the development processes of medium sized enterprises in the pharmaceutical sector. This will be reached by enabling medium-sized enterprises for the application of set-based design in development projects.