The process analysis for gear grinding GearGRIND uses a geometric penetration calculation to model the processes of generating gear grinding and profile grinding. Based on the geometry of the soft machined gear, a description of the grinding worm and the process kinematics, chip parameters can be calculated and evaluated. The tool geometry is automatically calculated from the input data. The geometry of the soft machined gear can be determined internally or alternatively imported. For the internal calculation, the geometry calculation of GearGen in the WZL Gear Toolbox is used. In addition to the chip thickness and the chip volume, the chip parameters calculated in the software are also the parameters characteristic of grinding, such as the specific chip volume. In order to obtain risk assessments with regard to grinding burn, the heat flow density, which enters the workpiece, is determined using analytical models. For this purpose, we use models that have been developed in recent years in research projects and dissertations. Thanks to the calculation model of cutting forces integrated in GearGRIND, it is possible to examine these models locally resolved along the tooth flank.

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