Research Group Forming Technology


Joachim Stanke, M. Sc. RWTH

PCL 3A 328
Phone: +49 241 80-28039
Fax: +49 241 80-22293

Curriculum Vitae

  • 2016 - today: Assistant at the WZL, Research Group Forming Technologies
  • 2015: M. Sc. RWTH Computational Engineering Science, RWTH Aachen

Research Topics

  • Internet of Things / Industry 4.0 and Process Mining
  • Sheet metal forming
  • Sheet metal separation
  • Machine Hammer Peening
  • Application of finite element methods



Kaufmann, T., Stanke, J., Trauth, D.: Conceptional approach for process monitoring based on an assistance system for grinding. In Advances in Production Research - Proceedings of the 8th Congress of the German Academic Association for Production Technology (WGP), Aachen, November 19-20, 2018

Trauth, D., Stanke, J., Feuerhack, A., Bergs, T., Mattfeld, P., Klocke, F.: A characterization of quality of sheared edge in fine blanking using edge-computing approach. In: Procedia Manufacturing, 15, 2018, S. 578-583

Stanke, J., Feuerhack, A., Trauth, D., Mattfeld, P., Klocke, F.: A predictive model for die roll height in fine blanking using machine learning methods. In: Procedia Manufacturing (2018, accepted manuscript)


Klocke, F., Shirobokov, A., Stanke, J., Feuerhack, A., Trauth, D., Kerchnawe, S., Wahl, M.: Experimental investigation of the hole accuracy, delamination, and cutting force in piercing of carbon fiber reinforced plastics. Procedia CIRP 66, 2017, S. 215-220

Stanke, J., Trauth, D., Feuerhack, A., Klocke, F.: Setup of a Parameterized FE Model for the Die Roll Prediction in Fine Blanking using Artificial Neural Networks. In: Journal of Physics: Conference Series, Vol 896, 36th IDDRG Conference - Materials Modelling and Testing for Sheet Metal Forming, 2–6 July 2017, Munich, Germany

Klocke, F., Stanke, J., Trauth, D., Shirobokov, A., Mattfeld, P.: Künstliche neuronale Netze für das Feinschneiden. In: wt Werkstattstechnik online 107(10) (2017), S. 719-724


Trauth, D., Stanke, J., Shirobokov, A., Mattfeld, P., Klocke, F.: Analysis of the fluid pressure, load capacity, and coefficient of friction of an elliptic machine hammer peened surface structure in hydrodynamic lubrication. In: Production Engineering (2016, accepted manuscript)