Industry 4.0 Roadmapping


Through digitalization the availability of data for the analysis and optimization of business processes increases. The WZL possesses long lasting experience of data based optimization of production processes. Now we make these methods and insights available for business processes through research projects. Industry 4.0 serves as the central enabler for the agility of business processes. With Industry 4.0, companies are able to systematically learn from their own product and production data and thus improve their prediction and decision making abilities. Employees, who are the central factor for success, are now able to make better decisions faster. The reduction of latencies from analysis to definition of actions, leads to a drastic increase of implementation speed.

With our 4i Audit, we identify the Industry 4.0 potentials in your company and define a specific vision with you. Together with you, we create an implementation roadmap and support you during implementation. Gladly we share our own knowledge gained by establishing our own DFA as an Industry 4.0 reference factory with you and invite you to experience Industry 4.0 live here in Aachen.

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