High Performance Broaching of Profile Notches in Turbine Components


The broaching of profile slots (e.g. fir tree profile) into components of nickel-based alloys poses an extremely challenging machining task in two respects.
Firstly the broached profiles are subject to high requirements regarding their surface finish and shape and dimension accuracy, whereas the compliance of the required tolerances matters in terms of the service cycle and operational safety.

On the other hand, the physical and chemical properties of nickel based alloys place them amongst the difficult-to-machine materials. Properties such as great high-temperature strength, thermal resistance and low thermal conductivity as well as the abrasive effect of carbides and intermetallic phases impose high thermal and mechanical stresses on the tool cutting edge. These materials often show a strong tendency to sticking, build-up edges, strain hardening and creating unallowable residual stresses.

The performance of broaching processes for nickel based alloys can be improved only by using more effective cutting materials at optimum cutting parameters. Apart from powder metallurgy high-speed steels, these materials include micro grain carbides.

WZL offers a fast and targeted approach, a variety of different analysis techniques, demonstrative results that are geared towards implementation, an objective and neutral view of our employees, profound industry know- how as well as many year´s experience in the field of cutting technology.


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