High Performance Cutting of Titanium Alloys


The machining of titanium alloys can be an extremely critical process due to the high thermal and mechanical load on the tools. This is caused by the high temperature strength, the low thermal conductivity and the low Young’s Modulus of titanium alloys. In order to increase the performance of machining processes, the WZL provides support in the selection of adapted lubricoolant strategies for your company's specific needs. With our know-how of many years in the field of innovative lubricoolant strategies we will support you in all different stages of the implementation. Extensive cutting tests using innovative lubricoolant strategies are performed on our machine tools for turning, drilling and milling. We take all different factors into account, from tool wear over quality of the produced parts to economical machining conditions. Moreover, the WZL provides a fast and targeted approach, a variety of different analysis techniques, demonstrative results that are directed towards implementation, an objective and neutral view of our employees as well as many years experience in the field of cutting technology.


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