Sebastian Schloesser, M.Sc. RWTH
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Research Group
Development Management


Systematically increase efficiency of development: Challenge Development management

The fast implementation of individual customer requirements in profitable products is a core element of success for producing companies. In this endeavor product market cycles are often reduced and the customers divided in increasingly small segments. The following increase in complexity results in significantly decreasing lot sizes of the products. which again leads to a high cost pressure on the product. The growing overhead in R&D departments trying to deal with this complex situation, makes the situation even worse for the company. As a result the ROI of projects decreases, while becoming more and more unpredictable. Based on this terms we qualify and consult especially in the following areas of competence:  


R&D value-chain-optimization and timing

Together we develop optimized future-state-value-chain with reduced cycle times and effort-utility-analysis of the measures. We also design the transformation process specifically for your business. more...




We define a PLM-strategy with you, develop the depending potential utility and coordinated PLM-processes. For this matter we have industry specific reference processes at our disposal, which we adjust for your needs. more...