Organizational Culture


Organizational culture refers to a collective phenomenon, which emerges through the interaction of individuals. It strongly determines how we perceive, behave, and solve problems in organizational settings. For organizations to be successful, the alignment between its strategy and culture is a prerequisite. In this context, we invent and apply assessment methods for measuring organizational culture as well as approaches for the strategic development of organizational culture. Our assessment methods usually rely on employee survey data combined with qualitative data from interviews. Based on an organization’s strategic orientation and its cultural profile, we define fields of action and support the implementation of specific interventions with the aim of improving alignment. Our portfolio includes:

  • The Quality Culture Assessment Instrument (QCAI)
    The Quality Culture Assessment Instrument is a survey-based method. Application of this method provides your organization with an analysis of the departments’ cultural profiles and associated recommendations for quality management practices.
  • The Heine Scale for Managerial Quality Orientation (HSMQ)
    The Heine Scale for Managerial Quality Orientation is an indirect assessment instrument based on the Critical Incident Technique (CIT). It is designed to assess the degree of quality orientation in an organization’s middle management because this group is assumed especially influential with regard to organizational culture.
  • Individual Consulting
    Besides our standardized instruments, we support your organization in the development of an individual target profile for your quality-oriented organizational culture. In order to achieve this target state, we support you in the development and implementation of interventions on the organizational, group, and individual level.