Strategic Development of Production Sites


As production sites expand in size or capacity they often suffer from unsystematic growth. While expanded facilities meet the requirements of production, organic growth results in suboptimal efficiency and market competitiveness.

To be competitive in high-wage locations in Germany, production sites need to be strategically aligned with the challenges posed by their competitors and markets. The WZL’s Production Logistics Group provides the strategic plans companies need to transfer their ideas to the factory floor. We recommend designs for buildings, machinery, equipment and employees, creating synergy and optimizing efficiency across companies’ value-chains. By methodically acting on business needs, we sustainably secure companies’ competitiveness for years to come.

We develop production strategies to implement companies’ visions which leverage their locations’ core competencies with the opportunities and risks available in their markets. We use SWOT analyses to assess the strengths and weaknesses of production sites and determine which factors are most critical for success. Using this information we recommend changes to machinery, equipment, IT systems and personnel. By identifying disparities between a company’s ideal production state and status quo, we clearly identify which measures will create the most value when implemented.

To ensure production strategies remain effective over the long term, we create detailed implementation plans with well defined intermediate objective, allowing practitioners to continuously assess and improve their organization’s progress.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you think your company could benefit from such a strategy or if you have questions about any of our offers.

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