Sociotechnical Systems


The increasing digitization and interconnection in organizations require comprehensive approaches that facilitate substantial changes in work processes and organizational design. The systemic concept of sociotechnical systems aims at optimizing the overall performance of an organization by considering human stakeholders and technology jointly.

In the research field Sociotechnical Systems, we develop innovative quality-oriented approaches for collaborative interactions of humans and technical systems. We work with our clients to:

  • Bring a Rigorous Approach to Systemic Organization Design
    We systematically assess organizations from a systemic perspective. In standardizing human-technology interconnections and defining clear roles, we reveal new potential for more effective and efficient organizational design.
  • Shape and Facilitate Human-technology Collaboration
    We help to understand the value of effective human-technology collaboration. Our customizable quality assistance systems such as or SmartFM App for failure management make quality management smarter and facilitate effective collaboration.
  • Deal with Complexity and Information Overload
    Increasing digitization and interconnection comes along with complexity that entails unnecessary costs. Thus, we carefully redesign collaboration and communication processes and focus on the problem-solving and decision-making abilities of employees.