Dynamic Calibration with Lasertrackers


Your Benefit

The goal of the research project is the measurement and correction of dynamically conditioned path deviations from robots and large machine tools (WZM) with lasertrackers. The position uncertainty of robots and WZM can be improved by calibration and compensation by positional variations.

The measurement of the positional variations with the stop of the WZM and/or the robot however is not always comparable with the positional variations of a moved machine, since additional dynamic effects can occur. The analysis of the dynamic portions of the path deviation can take place in this case only on basis of a measurement during the movement

Our Solution

A challenge at the time of the execution of continuous measurements is the adherence to the demanded measurement uncertainty. While during the description of the static measurement uncertainty of lasertrackers large progress was obtained, dynamic influences on the measurement uncertainty as well as the synchronicity between the laser tracker and the WZM and/or the robot so far neglects.

The dynamic measurement uncertainty of lasertrackers is to be examined and computed in this project. Besides a methodology is to be developed for the system compatible interpretation of the spatiotemporal uncertainty relation. Dynamic calibration measurements of robots and large machine tools are to be accomplished and the compensation of dynamic positional variations to be examined.

Our Services

Measuring in large volumes with Indoor-GPS, Lasertracker, -tracer
– Robot guided metrology: Classical, Stereo-, Time-of-Flight Cameras, Fringe Projection
– Absolutely precise movement of industrial robots by using control loops with external sensors
– Cooperating and offline-programmable robots