Research project
SmartTools - Intelligent injection molding tools for advanced product-service-systems


The aim of this research project, which is supported by the German federal ministry of economies and technology, is the development of a marketable industrial product-service-system (IPSS) for intelligent injection molding tools based on implemented sensor technology.
The smart algorithms and methods for data interpretation, which were developed during the research project, allow a combination with innovative sensor systems for a real time monitoring of the tool during an ongoing production process. Additionally the registered process data gives important information for early detection of damages and for further development of tool technologies itself.
The gained expertise gives information about the state of tools during an ongoing production process and sets a basis for customer-specific services in the area of care and remote diagnostics. For the production it means a considerable growth of tool availability by an early use of counteractive measures and the avoidance of long dead times. In return the tool shops are able to improve their own position in the market compared to their competitors by the expansion of business activities in customer related services.