Competency Management


A holistic competency management describes employee competencies, makes them transparent, and ensures their transfer, use and development with regard to strategic corporate objectives. It enables companies to adapt work structures and to develop employee abilities according to future needs of production. In order to sustain competitiveness, adaptations towards new technological challenges for man and machine have to be implemented in the entire organization. As employee qualification and the development of competencies interact as a continuous improvement cycle, the identification and management of strategic core processes and employee competencies is a substantial contribution to a future-oriented organizational design.

In the research field Competency Management, various analytical methods are applied to optimize existing structures, classifications and designs for meeting the challenges of Industry 4.0. The following aspects show an extract of joint project possibilities.

  • Competency Quick Check for a Quality-oriented Employee Qualification
    With this quick check we enable your company to get a fast and extensive overview of quality-related employee competencies. Improvement potentials are shown and implementation strategies discussed.
  • Business Process and Work Task Identification
    By conducting a structured analysis of your current business processes and work tasks, strategic organizational changes as well as competency objectives are developed.
  • Developing of Competency Architectures
    A structured target information processing system supports the handling of competencies and employee requirements. We systematically develop and implement the key structures for future-oriented systems.
  • Competency-based Management
    Based on a comprehensive competency model, we execute a skills-gap analysis to compare and measure target and actual competencies. Furthermore, we individualize development plans, process job succession planning, analyze competencies, and enable your company to successfully implement a sustainable competency development.