Tooling in China


The study "Tooling in China" was released recently and is now available for free download.

The Chinese market is steadily growing in importance over the years and is now one of the most important markets for manufacturing companies worldwide. For this reason, German manufacturing companies have amplified their presence in China massively and open up new production sites more frequently. These are no longer used exclusively for the realization of factor cost advantages, but rather to serve the local market. A rising demand, the ability to meet customer needs through new derivatives and the shortening of product life cycles have a direct impact on the number of tools required, which is further growing.

Due to the increasing demand for tools and a huge supply market potential (40,000 toolmaking companies, 1 million employees), the German tooling industry has to determine to what extent it can integrate Chinese tooling operations in its own value chain and take advantage of the existing potential. To solve this specific question BMW Group, Daimler and ZF have been working together with tooling experts of the WBA. To come to a solution on this matter, a comprehensive study was conducted to evaluate the performance of the Chinese great sheets- and massive forming tooling industry. In the course of the study a total of 150 potential toolmaking companies were identified, 30 assessed in detail by a comparison of performance indicators and 15 audited by an expert team on site.

The results of this study lead to a publication, whereas detailed results are exclusively accesible for participants of the study.

A German copy of the study is now available for free download.