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The Technology Research Group currently consists of companies in different sectors from six countries, which work out joint solutions for pre-competitive technical tasks on scientific basis together with the WZL. The cooperation between industry and university is carried out successfully in this context since the foundation of the research group in 1971. For application orientated development of manufacturing processes, leading manufacturing companies from sectors like automotive engineering, aerospace technology, turbine- and engine technology, tool technology and coating technology cooperate together.
The research topics are chosen on the need of the member companies. The topics as well as the results are treated confidential, since they are only accessible to members. The research work is financed by membership fees. The membership in the Technology Research Group is open for all companies.

Main topics:

  • Machining of nickel alloy (e.g. INCONEL 718)
  • Machining of titanium alloy (e.g.TiAl6V4)
  • Machining of high-strength cast iron (e.g. GJS 800)
  • Machining of intermetallic phases (e.g. TiAl)
  • Machining of composite materials (e.g. Al-Ti-Al)



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