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Your production network has grown historically through individual decisions? The competitive strategy has changed due to new markets and competitors? The strategic orientation of your sites corresponds just partly with the customer requirements?
Companies have recognized that efficient production is a signifying advantage in competition. This applies particularly in globally active companies, so they can exploit economies of scale and advantages of their site network. Therefore, it is necessary to optimize the production sites as a connected network instead of considering each site isolated.
The group “Global Production” supports you with a sequential project process. Within the process, your competitive situation and existing production network will be analyzed. Based on the outcomes, your individual production strategy will be derived. Afterwards, the aim is to translate the production strategy into the site roles to ensure targeted development in terms of skills and strengths.

The first step is to frame the corporate strategy, based on a structured analysis of the competitive environment as well as the customer and market requirement. This provides the basis for the second step, a detailed analysis of the existing production network. The target is to identify core competences and evaluate them specifically for each site. Furthermore, the established coordination mechanisms between the sites as well as present supplier network are analyzed. This creates the foundation for defining the prospective production strategy. In the final step, the redefined production strategy is applied to the site-specific conditions and for each factory a specific service mandate is defined – the site role. The approach guarantees that site roles are developed in accordance to the production- and corporate strategy, in order to maintain and further expand the long-term competitiveness.

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