Standardized Tests of Transmission Lubricants


Scuffing, micropitting, pitting and the efficiency of gears are strongly influenced by the transmission oil. Usually new lubricants undergo standardized test procedures to evaluate the load carrying capacity. The test results are documented as failure load stages, number of load cycles or GF-classes (micropitting) in the product data sheets of the respective lubricants as guidance for transmission designers.

WZL offers back-to-back test rigs acc. to DIN 51354 and ISO 14635 for gear lubricant testing. Especially the following standardized FZG-tests can be conducted at WZL:

  • Scuffing test A/8,3/90 acc. to ISO 14635-1, DIN 51354, CEC L-07-95, ASTM D 5182, IP 334/93, FVA 243
  • Scuffing test for high-EP oils A10/16,6R/120 acc. to ISO 14635-2, CEC L-84-02, FVA 243
  • Micropitting test acc. to FVA 54 (C-GF)
  • Micropitting short test acc. to DGMK 575
  • Pitting test acc. to FVA 2/IV (C-PT)
  • Practice relevant pitting test acc. to FVA 371 (C-PTX)
  • Pitting short test acc. to DGMK 16/2006 (KPTX)

The WZL is approved by Flender Gear Units as neutral test laboratory for FZG scuffing tests and FZG high speed scuffing tests in accordance with the Siemens MD oil approval specification, valid at least until February 3rd, 2022.

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