SPARTApro offers the possibility of fully modeling and simulating the gear hobbing and form milling process in a geometric penetration calculation. The non-deformed chip geometries that occur in the machining process are determined and then analyzed based on a large number of characteristic values. Important is the consistent restriction to entries, which the user can infer from the available technical drawings. In addition to the calculation of the geometry of the tool cutting edge and the gearing, SPARTApro offers the possibility to determine the process forces and spindle torques for standard gear materials. With the help of a variation calculation integrated in the software, it is possible to determine cost- and time-optimized tools and process parameters for a given gear geometry. Due to the close connection to programs such as the virtual gear measuring machine GearAnalyzer, it is also possible to show and evaluate surface topographies of machined gears and to carry out a virtual quality evaluation.
Using the software in a large number of public research projects, continuous development takes place and newly gained knowledge can be made available to members of the gear circle through the software. In addition, we also offer bilateral projects involving SPARTApro for the design and optimization of soft-machining processes. Due to the continuous further development of the modular program structure, we are able to model and analyze further gear cutting processes internally. With the help of these process models, many questions from tool wear to the resulting workpiece quality and process stability can be analyzed. This saves cost-intensive machining tests by carrying out extensive process analyses in advance.

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