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The Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering offer apprenticeships – with outstanding success!

We are known worldwide for the high quality of our engineering studies. Just as high is the standard of quality of our apprenticeship careers, which we continually offer to around 50 young people. Our machine halls accommodate a multitude of state-of-the-art machines and facilities which we develop, design and/or optimise - frequently in close collaboration with industrial companies. We continually drive forward all important production technologies. We are generally several steps ahead of industrial production companies, as we have made it our goal to be a pioneer in production technology and related areas.

An exciting workplace thus awaits our apprentices! We have test benches, various types of measuring equipment, shop floors and metallurgical laboratories. Apprentices learn and work in all these areas. They profit from this diverse and demanding environment and from working together with technicians, postgraduate research assistants and companies. Here you do not only get to know one product and its production process, as is the case in many companies, but rather a whole spectrum of possibilities that otherwise only entire industrial sectors would offer.

Our apprentices therefore enjoy a learning and training environment that is second to none. It is not surprising that time and again our apprentices complete their training with the best results, and are often regional and Chamber winners in their field. Naturally they have optimum career prospects.

The Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering offers the following apprenticeships:

Apprenticeship to become a mathematical/technical software developer ("Matse")
IT specialist in system integration
Industrial mechanic in the area of fine-tool engineering
Electronics technician for equipment and systems

For additional detailed information and descriptions of the apprenticeships on offer, please click here.

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