Efficient business processes for the tool and die industry


The current economical and fiscal uncertainties more than ever make it necessary to achieve the maximum of effectiveness and efficiency in companies within the given conditions. But many effectiveness and efficiency problems in tool shops are based on insufficient business processes. The process management meets those challenges and is engaged with the aim-oriented analysis, design, control and optimization of business processes.

The seminar will give you the theoretical and methodical basics of process management with direct references to the organizational characteristics of tool making. After an overview of the current challenges in this industrial sector and the aim of operative excellence theoretical foundations of process management in the tool and die industry will be taught. The expert lecture will give an introduction to the application-orientated part of the seminar, in which you will be given the tools for goal-orientated analyzing and for improving them by yourself. The practical seminar day will be completed by showing components of efficient processes by examples from tool and die industry.

A seminar for…
division managers and operators in companies as well as owners of companies in the tool and die industry.

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