Sebastian Patrick Vierschilling, M.Sc. RWTH
Workgroup Leader
Cluster Produktionstechnik 3B 434
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Research Group
Digital Factory Planning


Industry 4.0 is transforming factories as we know them today into smart technology centers of the future. Intelligent factory systems are not only characterised by the integration of intelligent sensors and controls in the sense of Industry 4.0 technologies, but also by the continues use of the initial planning data in everyday factory life. The aim of future-oriented Factory Planning is therefore not only the generation of Smart Factories, but also the digital integration of planning processes.

For target-oriented planning, the complexity can be reduced by determining reference data from the digital factory twin of existing factories and current planning projects. Based on this, the automation of planning processes, e.g. by a decision-supporting Factory Planning Assistant, represents an essential research field of the group. Horizontal crosslinking enables to examine above the scope of individual locations and system boundaries.
The Factory Planning department deals with digital tools in the planning process. The Digital Factory Planning group designs and develops comprehensive concepts and software tools, based on existing individual solutions and marginal applications to Support today's planners, to extend the range and depth of used planning data. Therefore, many years of experience in the field of factory and assembly planning as well as our existing expertise in the design of user-oriented software tools is being applied. In addition, new methods for selecting and supporting the implementation of innovative digital software and hardware technologies are being designed.

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