Development Management
Coaching of innovation projects


Due to vanishing industry boundaries, the internationalization of markets, shorter product life cycles, and stronger expression of demand markets, companies are exposed to a steadily increasing pressure to innovate nowadays. The functions involved in the innovation process are increasingly exposed to tensions between discipline and creativity. For this reason, an efficient innovation management is necessary to bring innovative ideas to market in an effective and efficient way. With regard to the management of innovation projects, we can support you with systematic, methodical, and customer-oriented product development. In respect to pilot projects, we can accompany you in strategic market and product positioning as well as derivation and cost-side assessment of possible alternative concepts and implementation. The procedures and methods applied in the project can be anchored with the help of training within the company.

„For the successful development and rapid market introduction of our innovative product ATMOVA, the department of innovation management at the WZL was a crucial partner."
Martin Heuschkel, Executive director
Swissmetal Design Solutions AG

„The department of innovation management at the WZL helped us very professionally in the design and implementation of our development director Conference on Lean Innovation. The event was a great success."
Dr. Christian Schmitz, Executive director R&D, Production, TRUMPF Laser- und Systemtechnik GmbH


Project example: R&D productivity assessment (Mobility provider, 2011)

"Objective: quantitative and qualitative evaluation of R&D productivity"


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