Complexity Management
Management of variants


To achieve transparency on diversity and its handling within the company is the first step for a successful variant management. For this reason, we would like to support you in the analysis and assessment of your current assortment structure and derive measures based on the results for a more profitable product range. A key aspect is the identification of exotic variants and the analysis of causation-fair costs incurred for these variants. In addition to the elimination of unprofitable often covered cross subsidized variants, the measures for the product line design also aim at the pricing of individual variants. We are able to deduce a precise overview of the strengths and weaknesses of all relevant company departments with regard to your current variant management from a standardized assessment of complexity, which is based on a tried and tested questionnaire.

„The Department of innovation management at the WZL has successfully supported us in optimising our global product complexity."
Frank Bürschgens, Product development manager
John Deere Werke Mannheim


Project example: optimization of variety in the product area of hot water storage (heating, 2011)

“Objective: sustainable development of improvement potentials along the value chain through a targeted improvement of the cost benefit of product complexity in the product area of hot water storage …