Tooling in Germany


Study "Tooling in Germany"

Germany is European champion! Not (yet) in soccer; this will be decided in France this summer. It is the German tool industry, which was able to secure the title of the European production champion in 2015 once again. Similar to our national players the products of German tool making companies have an excellent reputation worldwide. Especially the high quality, sustainable efficiency and long-term production stability of manufactured tools in Germany are appreciated abroad. But what makes the German tool making, even by international standards, so successful? How is it ensured that Germany can win the title in the coming years and how it actually looks in comparison with its international competitors? These and many other questions are answered by tooling experts from the WZL of the RWTH Aachen and the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology IPT in the study "Tooling in Germany 2016". The study provides an insight into the German economy as well as a detailed overview of the latest key figures of the German tool making. The study also contains future trends and challenges that must be addressed by German tool making companies.

The study "Tooling in Germany" points out the development of the German tool making and the status quo. In particular, the key figures in the fields of product, process and resources are informative of the performance of German tool making operations and provide input and suggestions for the further development of our own tool operation. The term “stagnation is regression” applies to German tool making companies to make continuous improvements so we hopefully say soon: Germany is European Champion 2016 – in tool making and soccer.

A German copy of the study is now available as free download.