New Business Models


In the research field New Business Models we develop approaches for the quality-oriented (re)design and implementation of business models, referring to an organization’s basic functioning, and transfer these approaches into practice. With the objective to enlarge the value creation particularly for industrial enterprises and their customers, we design innovative technology-based solutions in cooperation with our associated partners from industry and academia. Through our quality-oriented approach in combination with expertise in the field of emerging technologies (e.g., smart wearables, sensors, beacons) we enable organizations to remain competitive in a highly interconnected world. Our focus topics are:

  • Reconfiguration and Selection of Business Models
    Depending on an organization’s lifecycle stage we either reconfigure its business model or enable an informed business model choice. For established organizations we elaborate opportunities for a quality-oriented business model reconfiguration (e.g., servitization) based on a status quo analysis and future strategic positioning. The required transformations are planned and conducted in accordance with existing organizational structures to assure a continuous evolution process towards future. For recently founded organizations, we enable the selection of quality-oriented business models that fit an organization’s particular situation and future perspective.
  • Creation of Coherent Narratives
    The successful implementation of business models strongly depends on the coherence of their underlying narratives as they evoke sense-making processes in customers and employees. Our interdisciplinary team adopts a holistic approach in creating coherent narratives for the implementation and communication of quality-oriented business models by linking all research fields of the department Organizational Development. This guarantees that theoretical models become organizational reality.