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Machine Tools from WS 2013/14


Machine Tools from WS 2013/14

Machine Tools from WS 2013/14

Prof. Dr.-Ing. C. Brecher
Machine Tools from WS 2013/14

Machine tools rank among the most important means of production of the metalworking industry. As variety of machine tools regarding their structural design and degree automation follows the broad range of applications. According to the technological process machine tools can be broken into forming, separating and joing machines. Due to the high requirements on performance and accuracy of these machines, the engineering has to ensure the optimal design and dimensioning of the individual machine components as well as of the overall concept. A comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the physical properties of the components, function elements, drives and control is required. In the lecture an exercise - Machine Tools - these basis knowledge is taught.

The lectures and exercises cover the following topics:

types of machines, design and applications, constructive design and calculation of machine components (beds, frames, guides, bearings), metrological machine investigation and evaluation (static, dynamic, geometric, kinematic, acoustic and thermal), main and feed drives, position measuring systems, numerical controls.


WS 2018/19, see the class schedule here.

Lecture and Exercise documents:

The lecture and exercise materials are provided by the corresponding lecture and tutorial to download.

From the Winter 2013/14, the documents in the
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Exam information:

see L²P-learning space: learning materials - "WS2018-19 MT Schedules and Organization.pdf"

Results of the Machine Tools exam:

The grades and the results of the exam will be announced only in L²P study room and entered the result directly at the ZPA.

L²P-learning space:

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