Basic Seminar Cutting Technology


Current challenges in the field of cutting manufacturing are shorter cycle times and increased cost pressure without compromising quality, as well as the use of innovative construction materials.This requires the user to know and apply the potentials of modern tools and technology. The basic seminar cutting technology teaches a basic understanding of the chip formation process and of the process parameters as well as their influence on the different manufacturing processes.The right choice of cutting materials, the machinability of different material groups as well as the use and maintenance of cooling lubricants are further core elements of the basic seminar. The acquired basic knowledge will be practiced through exercises on machine tools. The basic seminar is dedicated to Technologists who only recently started dealing with manufacturing with a geometrically defined cutting edge or to refresh and deepen their knowledge. The basic seminar is furthermore dedicated to employees from less production-related fields of technological shaped companies, where the basic knowledge of cutting technology in the day-to-day work e.g. conversation with customer, is helpful. More Information on