Fast Forward Tooling


The study "Fast Forward Tooling" was released recently and is now available for free download.

Faster, better, further! Fast Forward! These are the goals of the manufacturing industry in the high-wage country Germany. Only those manufacturing companies which consequently aim at the targets faster, better and further will be able to compete in a dynamic competitive environment. Tool making is the central enabler of a high-performance series production and thus largely responsible for innovations. Therefore, particularly tool making must be faster, better and further.

In the study "Fast Forward Tooling", nine success factors in the areas of product, process and resources are described which must be addressed by tool making companies in the future. The design of these success factors enables a future-oriented and efficient value adding in tool making.

On the one hand the study "Fast Forward Tooling" premises on the findings of last year’s study "Fast Forward Factory". On the other hand results of a comprehensive evaluation were included. The evaluation included the questioning of experts from 72 tool making companies and was carried out in cooperation with the WZL of RWTH Aachen University. Additionally an intensive exchange with best-practice companies in each of the nine success factors were considered in the study.">An English version the study is now available as free download.