In our consulting projects, we develop in collaboration with our clients, individualized solutions to address current and future challenges resulting from technological advancement. In addition to our strong record in project and methodological competencies, we have expertise in the application of behavioral science principles. We emphasize the important role of human factors and teams in succeeding organizational change in all our projects.
Here you can find an overview of our services.

Our projects usually consist of three phases:

Phase 1: Initial workshop
Problem localizationResult: Specified problem and pre-project scope

Phase 2: Pre-project
Data collection, analysis, and interpretationResult: Objectified problem definition and specific improvement targets
Solution strategy and project selectionResult: Concept for approaching the defined problem and achieving the targets

Phase 3: Main project
Implementation planningResult: Detailed structural and processual project plan for implementing the solution concept
Project controlling and evaluationResult: Continuous process- and outcome-related project status reports

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