Maximilian Lachenmaier, M.Sc. RWTH
Workgroup Leader
Cluster Produktionstechnik 3A 340
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Research Group
Grinding Technology


At the WZL, grinding technology at the chair of Manufacturing Technology will be examined based on three research areas. The research focuses on New Materials, Numerical Simulation and Model-Based Process Design.  


New Materials

Due to the development of new materials and their properties research in grinding technology faces new challenges continously. more...



Numerical Simulation

The numerical simulation is becoming increasingly established in the field of grinding technology for the study of thermal, mechanical and metallurgical stresses in the grinding process. more...



Model Based Process Design

The developement of different models allows process designs of grinding operations which meet specific requirements. more...



Current research projects

Research projects 2019 more...




The employees of the group grinding technology introduce themselves. more...



Machines and Test Rigs

Presentation of the Machines and Test Rigs. more...



Research Circle Grinding Technology (AKS)

Introduction of the Research Circle Grinding Technology (AKS). more...



Research Circle Tooling Technology (AKWT)

Introduction of the Reserach Circle Tooling Technology (AKWT) more...



Basic Seminars

Basis Seminar Grinding Technology
April 25th/26th 2018
Advanced Seminar Centerless Grinding
July 4th/5th 2018
Basis Seminar Grinding Technology
Sebtember 26th/27st 2018

Theoretical and Practical Training for Users.