Universal Gear Test Rig


Top performance of the transmission manufacturers and their subcontractors are not only the result of intensive research and development work, but also of the high quality standards of the manufacturing.
Therefore, a testing technology which allows simulating the entire spectrum of the operational demands realistically and practically is required. Transmission test rigs enable durability testing of components and the research of the excitation and noise behavior of transmission and their components.

The universal gear test rig at WZL consists of three electric engines which are designed for 4-quadrant operation. The generators are partly adjustable in height and can be moved freely in longitudinal and transverse direction on a large clamping area. They can be assembled in different ways, depending on the respective test requirements. An acoustical room certificated according to DIN ISO 3744 class 2 allows noise measurements.

The universal gear test rig enables the accomplishment of a wide range of measurements and tests on transmissions and their components. In addition to sound pressure and structure borne noise, transmission error and angular acceleration can be detected using flexible measurement units at user defined positions. The digital control system combined with the driving e-engine allows the concerted insertion of torsional oscillations to the test object.

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