Christian Mattern, M.Sc. RWTH
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Research Group
Complexity Management


Designing variety and dynamics: Challenge Complexity Management

Complexity management includes the design and control of the variety of variants within the business activities of a company, as well as the development of such (products, processes and resources). Complexity management aims at enabling the skill to master the variety of variants in all levels of value creation. This way the maximum contribution for the customer utility is achieved, while maintaining cost effectiveness. Based on this terms we qualify and consult especially in the following areas of competence:  


Modularization / Product architecture design

During the design of the product architecture we analyze your variety of variants and the interrelation between modules to systematically define constituting standards for the product architecture. more...



Management of variants

We establish transparency over variety and its management for you. By systematically analyzing your business we also achieve fast and effective recommendations to enable the success of your business. more...




We define a PLM-strategy with you, develop the depending potential utility and coordinated PLM-processes. For this matter we have industry specific reference processes at our disposal, which we adjust for your needs. more...



Product cost optimization

Value analysis enable us to examine and optimize selected products and product lines of your business. Together with your experts we develop interdisciplinary measures of optimization to increase the customer value and reduce cost. more...