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Research Group
Industrial Transformation


Tech-enabled transformations:
designing digital networked organizations systemically

The ability to drive transformation processes in organizations will be a key success factor for organizations seeking the next level performance, capabilities and health. Our transformation approaches aim at making organizations resilient with regard to increasing digitization and networking. We discover and extract potentials from new technologies that have a substantial impact on the organizational system.

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We work in close collaboration with organizations of the manufacturing industry, solution providers, and other research institutes. Our goal is to solve scientific and practical problems with the purpose of transferring our findings into practice. Explore our fields of research and join us in transforming the core.  


Organizational Structure and Processes

Organizational excellence refers to the ongoing efforts of organizations to improve business processes. This includes an optimization of organizational structures as well as improving process organization. We offer quality-oriented qualitative and quantitative analyses to identify and realize potentials, which enable your business to master future challenges. More...



Organizational Culture

Organizational culture refers to a collective phenomenon, which emerges through the interaction of individuals. It strongly determines how we perceive, behave, and solve problems in organizational settings. For organizations to be successful, the alignment between its strategy and culture is a prerequisite. In this context, we invent and apply assessment methods for measuring organizational culture as well as approaches for the strategic development of organizational culture. More...



Performance Management

Performance management is indispensable for any organization. It is one of the central motivations to monitor and improve the status quo but also to communicate main achievements.
Enablers of successful performance management are a systematic approach to derive indicators, high acceptance rates and manageable efforts to maintain the implemented system. We offer you support to implement a successful performance management in your organization. More...



Sociotechnical Systems

The increasing digitization and interconnection in organizations require comprehensive approaches that facilitate substantial changes in work processes and organizational design. The systemic concept of sociotechnical systems aims at optimizing the overall performance of an organization by considering human stakeholders and technology jointly. We develop innovative quality-oriented approaches for collaborative interactions of humans and technical systems. More...



Competency Management

A holistic competency management describes employee competencies, makes them transparent, and ensures their transfer, use and development with regard to strategic corporate objectives. It enables companies to adapt work structures and to develop employee abilities according to future needs of production. In the research field Competency Management, various analytical methods are applied to optimize existing structures, classifications and designs for meeting the challenges of Industry 4.0. More...



New Business Models

In the research field New Business Models we develop approaches for the quality-oriented (re)design and implementation of business models, referring to an organization’s basic functioning, and transfer these approaches into practice. More...