Sucessful motivation of employees


Study “Successful motivation of employees“

90% of executives consider the motivation of their own employees as one of the most important criteria for the sustained success of the company. It is therefore not surprising that employee motivation is one of the trend terms of management of the decade and is strongly promoted by many companies.

An example:

A company with 1,000 employees have annual additional costs of nearly € 2 million, due to increased absenteeism and higher fluctuation because of low staff motivation, compared to an equal-sized company with high employee motivation. A model calculation for the German economy, based on the current level of employee motivation, comes to a total economic loss of € 138 billion as a result of an extensive study.

Something has to happen, that is for sure. Unclear is, what?

The study "Successful motivation of employees in tool making" provides an overview of the general employee motivation and satisfaction in tool making. Furthermore, it gives you possibilities how to increase the motivation of your employees by non-monetary incentives. An extensive survey in tool making found: Not the increasing salary is the decisive factor for the motivation of employees, but there are so-called soft factors, which significantly increase the motivation and long term the performance of employees

Put impulses and motivate your employees successfully!

A German copy of the study is now available as free download.