Designing compliant production structures


Were you forced to adapt your production strategy by changing basic conditions and now you are facing the challenge of interpreting your production structure in line with the strategy? Or has your production structure grown historically and now lags of transparency? An efficient production structure is based on the chosen production strategy. By pursuing a strategy-compliant production structure and configuration, the realization of high delivery reliabilities and competitive cost structures becomes possible. An excellent production structure is characterized by the fact that it supports the achievement of the prioritized logistical objectives and enables transparent production processes. An appropriate structure complexity furthermore supports the employees in their daily work.
A five-step process develops and evaluates suitable production structures for your specific production environment.

The standardized procedure begins with the definition of the target system to be achieved by the structural adjustment. In line with the objectives, the next step will be to define the necessary framework conditions within which the interpretation of your new structural concepts will take place. In addition to fixed input variables and minimum requirements, manipulated variables as well as possible characteristics of the variables are to be noted in the framework conditions. The subsequent interpretation of the structural concept covers your plant structure by means of layout and organizational structure, with a particular focus on material and information flows. After completing the recording, the structure concept developed will be evaluated using the initially defined target system and, if necessary, using simulative approaches. The structure concept to be implemented is selected from existing alternatives. The goal of joint migration planning is, finally, to derive individually prioritized and timed measures for adapting your actual to the new target structure in order to enable a smooth introduction of your new production structure.

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