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Digital Factory Design


Analysis and presentation tools

Motivation and Aim

Caused by a dynamic competitive environnement, factory design faces increasing challenges. On the one hand, the factory design projects are necessery in shorter intervals, resulting in shorter meantimes of a factory design process. On the other hand, the quality and accuracy demanded of such a planning process has to meet much higher expectations, caused by the need for a smooth and frictionless implementation, reducing the costs of time, money and ressouces. IT based tools for factory design turn out to be a fundamental approach to support Factory designers meeting these challenges.

Corporate Applications

The WZL carries extensive knowledge and a wide experience in various corporate applications of digital Planning and Design of Logistics Systems and their development.

Depending on the specific Task, different Tools are in use:

- AutoCAD
- FastDesign and the Design Table of the Fraunhofer IPA for Production Control and Layout Design
- Delmia Process Engineer for setup and alignment of workplaces and assembly lines, Delmia Process Engineer
- eMPlant for simmulating the workflow, the succession of events and the flow of materials
- 3D Studio Max for High-End Visualisation and Animation

Based on this experience, the WZL offers wide range support in selecting and implementing these tools and in undertaking such design tasks.



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