Successful digital networking on the shopfloor in tool making


Study “Successful digital networking on the shopfloor in tool making“

The consequent progress of digital networking in private life achieved the tool making increasingly. By recording, processing and utilizing a variety of company and product data with the help of modern information and communication technologies, a significant increase in performance can be realized. In particular, the shopfloor, where on average about 77% of all employees worked, offers various optimization potentials by digital networking. The tool making, which is characterized in particular by small and medium businesses only have limited resources and financial funds. Therefore, it is not effective to use standardized implementation solutions from other industries for the implementation of digital networking in tool making. Rather, an implementation strategy needs to be developed, which takes into account the particularities of tool making specifically.

The study "Successful digital networking" should be a provide guidance for tool manufacturers and introduce them into the topic of digital networking and identify concrete opportunities and potential on the shopfloor. Therefore, the three fields order processing, leadership and knowledge & learning are considered in more detail. In each field specific digitization solutions are introduced and the necessary requirements and potential applications explained. The data on which this study is based were collected in various surveys and industry projects and thus enabling a display of the current technology standard and a representative overview of the industry.

A German copy of the study is now available as free download.