Production Systems


The goal of lean management is to increase competitiveness of companies through a waste-free organization of business processes and a focus on value-adding activities. Today, many companies face the challenge of transferring successful lean concepts from the production to indirect areas. Our experience shows that the main emphasis should lie on the derivation of a company-specific lean management architecture.

The lean culture, the configuration of the lean toolbox and ensuring continuous improvement are of particular importance in order to be able to firmly embed lean management into the company. With our projects we support you in the creation of a road map for the introduction and development of your lean management concept based on your company’s strategic position in the market.

As part of our consortium benchmarking „Production Systems“ and „Lean Administration“ we have identified and analyzed structures and procedures of successful-practice companies and what successful lean administration is characterized by. Use these insights, to better the success of your company with us.

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