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R&D-value chain optimization und timing


Value stream:
The value stream optimization is a method for the analysis and optimisation of processes rooted in the manufacturing area. In order to transfer the method to research and development, analogies to the seven types of waste production were drawn and activities were classified with regard to their value proposition from the external and internal customers’ point of view. The efficiency of the development processes can be increased by focusing consequently on value-enhancing activities in the context of a value stream optimization. For this purpose, the actual state of the value stream is analysed and optimization potentials are deduced. By doing so, the goal is to build an optimized target value stream with reduced lead time, fewer iterations, and more reliable results. At the same time, the way towards this target state is outlined through the derivation and cost-benefit assessment of measures. We would likely support you in planning and implementing such measures within your company.

While the value stream analysis is mainly focusing on the optimization of process sequence, timing aims at the synchronization of development activities. Despite of established structures in development processes with the help of gates and milestones, many companies often face deviations from the target state by aiming at compliance with temporal agreements. With the help of timing process reliability, development productivity, and control of project risk can be sustainably increased. Thereby, the design of the timing model is based on the company-specific boundary conditions. With that regard, we would be pleased to accompany you in the systematic introduction of timing in your company.

„Together with the Department of innovation management at the WZL, we have built an effective programme to increase the efficiency of our development."
Wolfgang Leupers, Managing Director,
Oerlikon Saurer


Project example:
value stream optimization in the early stage of development (automotive industry, 2011)

“Objective: improve efficiency and effectiveness in the early stage of the development process…”


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