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Aachen Machine Tool Colloquium (AWK)

For 70 years now, the Aachen Machine Tool Colloquium (AWK) has been the most important knowledge hub for production technology. Current research results, new developments and trends in production technology are the focus of the event, which is expected to attract over 1,000 participants* from all over the world to Aachen every three years.

The date for the AWK2020 has already been set: 14 and 15 May 2020 at the Eurogress Aachen. All information on the programme contents will follow shortly.

The production engineers from Aachen will present new concepts and strategies and report on their current experiences in their implementation. The special focus of the AWK is on the opportunities and possibilities of the "Internet of Production" as the core of industry 4.0. The programme will be rounded off by an accompanying industrial exhibition, extensive visits to institutes and break-out sessions. The AWK aims to comprehensively reflect on current developments, to highlight previously untapped potential and to point the way to a successful future for production technology.

Internet of Production
To implement the Internet of Production, Aachen’s highly renowned researchers in production engineering, computer science, materials engineering and further necessary disciplines have teamed up to respond to interdisciplinary challenges, such as the integration of reduced production engineering models into data-driven machine learning for cross-domain knowledge generation and context-adaptive action. The infrastructure of the Internet of Production will be leveraged by the production engineers in order to support a new way of more holistic working on – and with – systems by developing and advancing engineering tools, methods and processes. To this end, an integrated development is required for all aspects of production technology. Aachen – as the place where the Internet of Production originated – is characterized by an extraordinary range and outstanding reputation in production research.

History of the Aachen Machine Tool Colloquium AWK
When Professor Herwart Opitz called for the first Aachen Machine Tool Colloquium (AWK) in 1948, nobody was aware that he was laying the foundation stone for one of the most important congress events in production technology. Opitz's goal was to make up for the gap in research created by the war years compared to the Americans and to re-establish broken contacts with companies in the manufacturing industry.

Despite much resistance, the first AWK with around 250 participants was already a great success. The number of participants at subsequent events rose rapidly. Today, the organizers can look back on more than 70 years of AWK and thus on more than 70 years of trend-setting impulses for production technology.

As early as 1971, Professor Herwart Opitz remarked in his opening speech: "The name "Machine Tool Colloquium" is actually no longer as true today as it was in earlier times. The integration of production technology is on the advance, and so we have to deal with the questions of economic planning, design and manufacturing. The machine tool is a link in this integration chain, the particular significance of which is still to be emphasized." What he recognized almost 50 years ago is still fully valid today.