Lars Gussen, M.Sc.
Workgroup Leader
BGH 110
Tel.: +49 241 80-27125
Fax: +49 241 80-627125


Research Group
Customer Insights


The investigation of “Customer Insights” aims at understanding customers’ behavior as well as customers’ perception as essential input for product development. How does a customer decide upon a specific product? How does he evaluate its quality?

Within the research group CI, we develop technological as well as organizational solutions to tackle the above posed questions. We capture the customer’s needs and preferences, i.e. Voice of the customer, from Social Media throughout the buying process as well as during the usage phase by analyzing content applying text mining methods. We draw the link from the Voice of the Customer to technical metrics by conducting empirical studies in combination with the development of perception-based metrology.
This approach enables us the translate customers’ needs and preferences into requirements and technical product specifics.

Do you have a specific question? Let us know and gain insights on your customer! We are looking forward to developing a specific solution for you.  


Social Q

We enrich your Quality Management by mining your customers‘ needs and expectations towards a product or service from Social Media.



Perceived Quality

We quantify the Perceive Quality of your products by means of empirical studies and metrology and assist the structured implementation thereof throughout your product development process.



Requirements Engineering

We support the systematic alignment of your industrial requirements management with the customers’ needs and perception of quality.