Strategic orientation of tool shops


International prize competition and growing competence densities set up pressure on tool shops. For creating a boundary against competition internal and external tool shops are forced to go for a clear position. These requirements can just be met by a stringent strategy.

This seminar will enable you to develop and implement a stringent strategy for your tool shop. After a view on the tool and die industry and its main challenges the seminar will proceed to the fundamentals of a strategy. An introduction of successful strategies for tool shops will follow by practical examples. By the use of the six-step procedure for developing a strategy you will be enabled to create a strategy for your tool shop. After that requirements for an efficient tool making as well as successful practices from the industry will be introduced for an operative implementation of the strategy. A new strategy means a change process for the company and especially for the staff. Because of that the seminar day will be ended by a lecture about personnel management and corporate culture.

A seminar for…
division managers and operators in companies as well as owners of companies in the tool and die industry.

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