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Product lifecycle management


Product lifecycle management (PLM) is the integrated control and management of all data and information within the company and goes far beyond the use of IT systems. In many cases, the potential of actual improvements in effectiveness and efficiency aspects remain unclear. Apart from that, the exact knowledge of the setting lever for improvement is often missing in the context of a PLM rollout, so that it is hard to prioritize functionalities. Only if there is a coherent PLM strategy and significant potential benefits are known, the processes can be designed goal-oriented and supported by appropriate systems. Together with you we can define a PLM strategy, its potential benefits, and PLM processes tuned. In order to do so, we have industry-specific reference processes that we customize for your company. The potential improvements in effectiveness and efficiency points must be detailed and quantified before implementing PLM. With our PLM market level, detailing the current functionalities of over 30 systems, we can also support you in choosing a system. On this basis, we can prioritize features and continuously monitor the roll-out targets.

For more information on the topic of PLM, see this link.


Project example: assessment of PDM data structure (automotive industry, 2011)

Objective: “Evaluation of the suitability of developed PDM data structure to support the development and maintenance of the modular system…”


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