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Seminar Papers & Degree Dissertations


Seminar papers and degree dissertations at the WZL have a concrete reference to current research topics. If you wish to gain an overview of the topic areas, please take a look under "Research". All assignments are thoroughly clarified together with the candidate and can mostly be tailored very precisely to requirements and existing knowledge. Anyone working on a seminar paper or degree dissertation at the WZL also gains an insight into the exciting world of applied research activities and profits from the resources of the largest institute of RWTH Aachen University.

If you wish to find out more locally and perhaps even personally call on the appropriate contact person, you may consult the info terminal in the entrance area as well as the notice boards on the ground floor and in the individual departments of the WZL, Steinbachstrasse 53.

Here you will find current offers for seminar papers, degree dissertations, as well as for Master and Bachelor theses.