Cryogenic Cooling


One alternative for achieving process cooling using lubricoolant is cryogenic cooling of cutting processes. This holds great potential for further reducing tool temperatures. Cryogenic cooling in machining technology involves the use of media with extremely low temperatures to achieve process cooling. The best-known cryogens are liquid hydrogen (boiling point: 20.268 K = -252.882 °C), liquid nitrogen LN2 (boiling point: 77.35 K = 195.80 °C), liquid oxygen (boiling point: 90.18 K = -182.97 °C) and dry ice/CO2 snow (sublimation point: 194.5 K = -78.5 °C). Liquid nitrogen and dry ice are frequently used for cooling during cutting processes. This is due to their good availability and relatively safe handling. The advantages of cryogenic cooling include reduced cutting temperatures and thus significantly lower levels of tool wear and higher cutting parameters.


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