Field of Research
Investigations of Machinability


Investigations of machinability are accomplished for all metallic materials. The subject of these investigations are both thermal and mechanical loads of tools and workpieces and the influence on the workpiece's interface by cutting. Tribological tool and workpiece characteristics are likewise subject to investigations. The investigations can be used for material development and for cutting material development. Material characterisations regarding the machinability can be made in the form of metallographic investigations. For this work an own metallographic laboratory is available, which is equipped with several optical microscopes, a scanning electron microscope and a microhardness measuring instrument. Measurements of residual stresses and energy dispersive x-ray analyses can be accomplished likewise. Temperature measurements at the cutting tool and at the workpiece are accomplished thermographical, pyrometrical and by thermocouples. The acquisition of the static load of cutting tools takes place classically via force measurements on piezoelectric basis.

Main topics:

  • Every kind of Steels
  • Cast Iron
  • CFK-Material
  • Light Metal Alloys
  • Heavy Metal Alloys
  • Influence of the Heat Treatment

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